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The shooting star for simple maneuvering - Easydriver Basic. Single Axle model is rated at 1800kg. All Wheel Drive model ( AWD ) is rated at 2800kg.
Simply strong:

  • even in tight spaces, maneuvering to the fraction of an inch without worries
  • unique and powerful due to patented technology 
  • simple use of hand crank or electric screwdriver for swiveling 
  • excellent power transmission from the roll to the tire thanks to large swivel path and special drive roll surface
  • safe and gentle push-on of the tires
  • modern design: compact and yet beautiful
  • The unique mixture of special high-tech materials turns the easydriver maneuvering system into a lightweight and prevents rust
  • High-quality slide bearings for perfect easydriver swiveling mechanism
  • easy docking
  • optimal ground clearance

Reich Easydriver Basic 1.8

SKU: 364215376135191
Out of Stock
  • This motor mover includes a 5 year parts & labour warranty if fited by The Caravan Crew.

  • We will bring the motor mover with us when we arrive for fitting.

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